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Fees & Registration

Your registration fee and placement fee give you assurance that your placement is organised and accommodation is covered for your trip.

Why do I need to pay a registration fee?

The registration fee covers the work done to help prepare for your trip before you arrive in Tanzania. Our team is very involved in coordinating every step before and during your trip, spending as much time and as many hours as you need to help you prepare. We also take time to speak with our projects for each individual so they are ready for you when you arrive. This takes many hours and a lot of work to prepare.

Why are some registration fees higher than others?

This is because some programs (Law placement for example) take more time and work to organise. They involve other coordinators and government administrators to confirm just one placement.

Why do I need to pay a placement fee?

The placement fee covers everything else that will be arranged for your trip. This includes where you will stay, breakfast and dinner, amenities, local coordination and a placement donation.

Why do some placement require a placement contribution?

Some placements are much more formal require a fee to be paid to the administrators to register you as a worker there. Some may require you to have a private translator to be able to do your work. The contribution will cover one or the other of these two aspects. 

Why are the payments not all included in one package?

There is a team of people locally involved in coordinating even just one placement for every volunteer. We separated these payments to ensure our volunteers know where their money is going which is important.  

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